My name is Falefitu Taefu, and I am a New Zealand born Samoan. I spent the first 19 years of my life living there with my mom, dad and two younger sisters. Being the eldest and only son brought a fervent sense of responsibility to keep my culture and family traditions alive. My parents both hail from opposite sides of a large district village called Falelatai in Samoa. In fact, my name Falefitu translates into ‘The House of Seven’ which represents the seven highly respected chiefly titles of my family and the broader village community of Falelatai. My family is also direct descendants of the original Tatau lineage of traditional Samoan tattoo artists.

I’ve always had a natural talent for art and drawing. I didn’t discover my passion for tattooing until I moved to Canada where I was fortunate enough to work at Monsters Ink in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Where I soon made a name for myself in the industry and turned my passion into a career spanning almost eight years now. Then I moved to Edmonton where I had the opportunity to work for Bombshell Tattoo. I continued to expand my fan base and share my culture through the tattoos I’ve done for my clients.

My speciality is Samoan Polynesian Tattoos / Tatau. I also do hand tapping, pointillism, and black and grey tattoos. I do colour as well -upon request! The skills that I’ve acquired over the years of my career have allowed me to travel to other parts of the world and to connect with many renowned tattoo artists also killing it in the industry.

I’m just a brown guy living out my big dreams in Canada and trying to create a future for myself and small family. So watch this space and follow me on my journey as I continue to perfect my craft and deliver some of the best tattoos in the game.



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